Facilities Maintenance & Hygiene

We manufacture a wide range of products to handle all aspects of facility cleaning and sanitation. Chemcorp Industries Inc. manufactures and sells many other products not listed below that may be useful in your facility. Call us toll free at 1-888-729-6478 to discuss your specific needs.

DeGrease ‘It

A gel oven cleaner that clings on vertical surface when applied. Penetrates in to baked on grease and lifts them from the surface, Rinses easily and leaves no streak. A helpful aid to commercial kitchen and canopy cleaners.

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Sheer Shine

Stainless steel polish that penetrates in the grains of the metal surface and lifts the soil out. Sheer Shine brings on the brilliance on the stainless steel surfaces in the commercial kitchens.

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A mild acid bases de-scaler to remove mineral deposits from water on kitchen appliance like sink etc.

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Steam Flush

This is a powder alkaline cleaner capable of removing heavy grease from commercial kitchen filters.

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Sanicure is a dry odour absorbent and deodorizer compound. The granules in this product have large number of pores and are capable of absorbing and holding odorous gases thus eliminating foul smell. Sanicure can be used in solid waste management areas like garbage compactor rooms, waste collection bins and Sanitary Napkin collection and disposal bins.

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Orange Power

An all purpose cleaner & degreaser made from the extract from orange peel. It can be safely used to clean floors, walls, kitchens, garbage rooms and many more. It leaves a fresh orange smell behind.

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DeGrime ‘It

This is butyl cleaner, good for heavily soiled surfaces like construction equipment, garage floors etc.

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Floor Flush

This is an alkaline powder floor cleaner for highly soiled surfaces in garages, factories and process plants.

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Dissolvo Liquid

This is a liquid organic waste digester and deodorizer. It is formulated with facultative non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to reduce the mass of organic grease, oils and fats. It has application in Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Lagoons and Holding Tanks. The product cleans the inside of a tank and provides a nice aroma.

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