Passenger Transportation

Chemcorp Industries Inc. offers a range of products that can be used to offer a clean and fresh environment to passengers in Buses and Trains.


An exterior wash soap that can be used both in machine and hand wash. This soap does not leave any streaks after the

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Orange Power

Orange Power is all purpose cleaner made with extract from orange peels. It cleans all surfaces such as steps, floors, railings, dash board and toilets. It also leave a nice orange smell behind.

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Johnny’s Choice Relentless

Relentless is a liquid portable toilet deodorizer that control foul smells in the toilets with holding tank. Fruity perfume in this product keep the environment smelling fresh.

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Johnny’s Choice Toss-Ins

Toss-In is a dry portable toilet deodorizer packed in doses with a water soluble film. Product has fruity-floral perfumes which keep the environment smelling fresh.

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Magical Spray

Magical Spray is a liquid space deodorizer to keep the confined areas like the inside of a bus or train and toilets smelling fresh. Available in four different seasonal aromas.

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Sensory Disk

These air-freshener disks controls foul smell and adds nice aroma inside of a bus or train and the toilets. Available in many different perfumes.

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