Liquid Waste Management

Our complete line of Johnny’s Choice Portable Toilet Sanitation products includes a wide range of liquid and dry deodorizers, extra fragrance products, cleaners and accessories.

Portable Toilet Sanitation Deodorizer

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Solid Waste Management

Household solid waste are collected and taken to Transfer Stations and Recycling Depots for sorting, separation and disposal. Organic waste content in the solid waste is a source of foul smell in these facilities. Following products are very helpful in controlling and eliminating odours in these facilities.

Sanicure Granules

Sanicure is manufactured with a volcanic mineral with a large number of pores in them. It has the ability to absorb organic odours at a fast rate and hold them.

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Magical Spray

Magical spray is a Liquid Deodorizer spray which has the ability to neutralize foul organic smell and leave a nice aroma behind. Available in four different seasonal aroma and many packaging sizes.

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Sensory Air Freshener Disk

Uniquely shaped disks can be hung from a hook to provide odour control and perfume smell in small areas like waste bins. Available in many different perfumes.

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Orange Power

This is an all purpose cleaner made out of an extract from orange peels. It cleans all surfaces and leaves a nice and fresh orange smell behind.

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